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Welcome to Vare-Washington Elementary School!


At Vare-Washington, we implement inclusive, equitable, and restorative practices to cultivate life-long learners. Through rigorous academic expectations and personalized support, we empower all students to achieve their highest potential while celebrating each other’s accomplishments and creating joyful experiences. Feedback and reflection grow our practices to strengthen our school community.

Core Values

At Vare-Washington, we are FAMILY.  We are OUTCOME-DRIVEN.  We are COMPASSIONATE.  We are UNSTOPPABLE.  We are SERVICE-ORIENTED.  All members of our school community operate with FOCUS, and we support students to engage throughout the day with FOCUS.

Family: “We protect and respect one another.”

We care for one another and support one another to maintain an affirmative outlook and a focus on bright spots. We have a place where we belong and where we can be our authentic selves.

Outcome-Driven: “We set goals and crush them.”

We maintain unwaveringly high standards and expectations of achievement and personal growth for all members of the Vare-Washington School Community. We are mutually accountable for ensuring progress towards our rigorous shared goals.

Compassionate: “We notice. We feel. We act.”

We consider each others’ viewpoints with an open-mind, and we appreciate and value our individual differences. We are mindful of those around us and seek to understand and be understood. We are there to help when someone is in need.

Unstoppable: “We find a way, or we make one.”

We are diligent and unwavering in the pursuit of excellence, especially when presented with adversity. We are creative and unrelenting in our problem-solving, and let no obstacle prevent us from reaching our greatest potential.

Service-Oriented: “We rise by lifting others.”

We have a responsibility to our neighborhood, our city, and our global community. We are empowered to use our unique gifts to act as agents of change.

Letter from the Principal

Dear Families, Parents, and Caregivers,

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year at Vare-Washington Elementary!  The new school year ahead presents a wonderful opportunity to build upon the strategic work of recent years and to continue to support our students to develop their passions, sharpen their talents, and excel academically.  This year, we will maintain a focus on ensuring that students develop essential early literacy skills, demonstrate mastery of rigorous grade-appropriate standards, and continue to build their love for learning.  We look forward to broadening and further strengthening the dynamic partnership that exists between our families and our school.  Parents and families are our students’ first teachers, and we are thrilled to collaborate with you throughout the year!

Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions at  We encourage and greatly welcome your involvement and engagement.  Please visit us, volunteer, and become active in our vibrant community!

In Partnership,

Alison Barnes, EdD


To view our school’s SY22-23 school plan and to leave your feedback, please click HERE.